14 May 2018

Who we are


To understand who we are, we must first take a small step backwards.

October 2017. During the ferment of the first social activities of Q.re Adriano, a local boy with social experience, he meets by choice a personality of the area and offers him a dream. This dream, certainly full of great potential, becomes a project. This expands to reach other people and other realities, starting to participate in the first unofficial meetings. The interest and the will to create cohesion, entertainment and culture in a beautiful but dormant neighborhood is growing. A large group of people is therefore formed volunteers, ready to work on the project and to believe in a proposal, which has become the university thesis of one of our countrymen and Councilor.

Finally, the preparatory work, training and administrative procedures have been completed and the "ViviAdriano" Social Promotion Association, a name chosen by the citizens, is ready to organize and pull off a tide of ideas which, of course, will transform the neighborhood into something new.


The "ViviAdriano" Association is born from a simple idea. Born from the desire to connect all the reality divided, give voice to citizens to be able to start from scratch and cultivate everything that is possible to achieve positive, in order to improve more and more the lives of residents. The target? Making our neighborhood a model for the entire metropolitan city of Milan, reaching important milestones. Huge is the desire to to commute the area from the dormitory quarter to the peripheral center of importance, in which cultures, events, commercial activities, work, study and recreation converge for the old and the new generations. A single family that together provides for the organization of their own reality. A way to avoid loss of control over the territory, a way to activate all citizens, a way to discourage any delinquency. Summing up, the Association will be aggregation, culture, social inclusion, defense of civil rights, mediation with the Municipality and the City, events and much more.


Team - APS ViviAdriano



Today the members that make up the Board of Directors, the technical-administrative guide of the Association, are:
Marino de Stena -> President
Francesco Marcolongo -> Vice president
Letizia Bombelli -> Bursar
Simona Ciace -> Secretary
Paolo Damiano -> Councelor
Francesca Mussi -> Councelor
Sabrina Manzo -> Consigliere .


If you want to know ours too Statute, you can safely view it and download it from specific section. apposita.


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