14 May 2018



Before ours constitution, which took place on May 8, 2018, the Association has activated to prepare to take the field in organizing the events.

The first activities were ours 4 informal meetings organized with the citizens, which took place in the period November-March, created with the aim of involving the population in the formation of key concepts, including the name of the Association itself. We have also created a Focus Group, managed by our advisor Francesca Mussi, with thesis in "ViviAdriano"; in addition, a beautiful aperitif at the "Family Bar" to strengthen our relationship with the territory.

Now I will list ours official holdings, with the purpose of not dwelling too much on the description.

  • - Collaboration with the cultural group "Parole Note", together with our councilor Sabrina Manzo;
  • - active collaboration on the year-end party of the elementary school S. Mamete;
  • – partecipazione alla festa di quartiere del 16 giugno, organizzata dal Municipio 2;
  • - visit to the reality ofAgrisport, to promote our business;
  • - creation of the first official event entirely ours, a familiar pic-nic familiare in Parco Adriano;
  • – partecipazione alla Commissione Istruttoria Nr 05 Territorio in Municipio 2 sulla questione piscina pubblica, il 04/09/2018;
  • – 30/08/2018, 05/09 e 07/09 riunioni organizzative con i cittadini per il Presidio dell’08/09/2018;
  • – 01/09/2018 primo appuntamento della corsa mattutina con i cittadini nel Giardino Franca Rame, promossa dalla nostra Associazione, con colazione all’Alma Bar per concludere;
  • – 08/09/2018 presidio in difesa del bando periferie, recentemente bloccato, e che impedisce a molte città italiane di ottenere i fondi stanziati per il completamento dei lavori. Cittadini e associazioni unite apartiticamente davanti alle istituzioni per ottenere un tavolo per il dialogo necessario.
  • – 08/09/2018 collaborazione nell’inaugurazione di Alma Bar, nel Giardino Franca Rame, con intrattenimento e giochi per bambini.

We have also organized our first one shareholders' meeting, with the aim of discussing the results obtained and how to enhance our work.

For the immediate future they are planned conventions and ideas innovative.

Stay tuned and we invite you to be part of this great adventure. If you want to register, remember that the cost for this solar year is only 5 euros. Online membership is not yet available, so you can contact us at the number or email indicated in the Homepage down or on ours Facebook page. Facebook.

Eventi: "Franca Rame"

Sabato 16/06/2018

Inaugurazione Alma - APS ViviAdriano

Sabato 08/09/2018

Eventi: "Vivi in compagnia"

Domenica 17/06/2018

Corsa- APS ViviAdriano

Sabato 01/09/2018

Volantino_img - APS ViviAdriano

Sabato 08.09.2018

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