14 May 2018



Here is the Top Ten of your most frequently asked questions to which we will give an answer to clarify all your doubts.


1) Who are you?

We are aSocial promotion Association (APS) born from an idea of a boy from Quartiere Adriano and finally become a reality, thanks to the work and commitment of a team, supported by many citizens. Our aim is to aggregate all the realities of the area, creating a neural network that reinforces the identity of every citizen and every activity. Events, inclusion, entertainment, projects , culture and rights will characterize our foundations. The suburbs will therefore become our center.

2) What do you do?

The objectives have already been set out above, but many, so far, are only projects, as they are demanding and expensive. We will be able to carry on our ideas, but we need the collaboration of the residents and not only to cut the time in half.

3) What does "Association of Social Promotion" mean?

It is a formal union of citizens with the intention of favoring their members. We certainly will not limit ourselves to this, but being a member will lead to exclusive benefits.

4) Is there a law that regulates your activities?

Absolutely yes. In addition to the regulations in force, we have a public Statute, which can be consulted and downloaded in specific section. appropriate to our site. Formally established on May 8, 2018, we are regularly registered toRevenue Agency with the C.F. 97816560151. Our registered office is in Via Trasimeno 62, 20128, Milan.

5) Who is behind?

Very simple citizens who have decided to start from scratch, without any help dropped from above. We are non-partisan and secular. Our Board is composed of 7 people, each with a specific role, who direct the activities and make every possible idea a reality. If you want to know their names, simply go to the section who we are .

6) How can I contact you?

Currently there are 3 ways to contact us: by e-mail, at the address associazione@viviadriano.it , by telephone (if urgent or necessary) to n. +39 3384397001 , or by writing to us on our Social channels Facebook , Instagram and Twitter . And then there is also a Youtube channel Youtube , for now growing.

7) How can I register and access the newsletter?

Per ora è possibile solo tesserarsi contattandoci ai canali indicati in fondo alla Homepage, mentre la newsletter è in lavorazione.

8) I want to contribute? How can I do it?

There are 3 ways to help us and support our ideas. First of all, there is the possibility to freely donate. If, on the other hand, you are more resourceful and want to be an active part of the working group, you can become a volunteer, from the perspective of your free time and your skills. Finally, you can support us by giving us one feedback responsible, an opinion on our work.

9) What is the Blog?

The blog is the part of the site dedicated to the news of the neighborhood, the association and the thematic articles.

10) Is there a regulation for members? And the conventions with the neighborhood realities?

Currently they are both under development. We will update you in case of news.


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